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Samantha & Zack

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out West...

Love and I started out early from Wadley around 4:30am Wednesday, Sept. 19 to Birmingham for our flight!

Check-in went smoothly but once on our flight, our plane had "maintenance issues" which resulted in us hovering about Birmingham for an hour before the pilot decided to land in Kentucky! We were suppose to be flighting in to Minneapolis, Minnesota...let's just say I am thankful they landed the plane somewhere besides Birmingham to repair it because if we would have landed by our car...Love would have never went West! :) It is pretty unnerving when you are just hovering at over 10,000 feet in the air for an hour....
Needless to say, after a four hour layover in Kentucky, we missed our connecting flight from Minnesota to Montana! So we had t o"rearrange" our flights except we had NO choices....not some many planes come in and out of Missoula, Montana everyday. Thankfully there was one flight at 9:30pm so from Kentucky we headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota and arrived there around 3pm.
SO we had a few hours to kill and what better way than to SHOP....and not at just any store but none other than THE MALL OF AMERICA!!

It was SO NEAT!
All my girls would never be able to go because I am scared they would never leave and come home! 
We enjoyed looking around and then a yummy dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery! The nachos were delicious and were the kick-off appetizer to my eating frenzy this week....I am not getting on the scales  this week :)

Love and I finally made it to Missoula, MT close to midnight and went straight to our room to get rested up for an early morning start of the MT Augus Tour!
The tour began at 6am and last until almost 9pm everyday!
We saw so many gorgeous ranches and breathtaking views!!
It was very smoky due to wild fires but still beautiful......
the pictures do not do the view ANY justice!
We had fun with sweet friends from home too!!
I have said it before but meant it...
if I could pick any cattle farmer in all 50 states to marry...
it would be this one!
I am so thankful that I married my best friend....
DAY 2 was just as FUN and beautiful as Day 1....
we traveled all over western MT to some of the most beautiful farms...

Can you imagine looking out and seeing that view from your back porch???
Love enjoyed every second of soaking up all the farm stuff and I really did too!!
First of all, it blesses my heart to see Love so happy, 
excited and passionate about what he does for a living!
Really that is what makes you truly "successful" at what you do!!
I am learning that more and more as I get older and experience the "real world"!
You have to be passionate about what you do and work hard at it 
and mostly be forever grateful and thankful to your Heavenly Father for the ability 
to work hard at it!!! 
I loved seeing these big ranches and results of hard work
but mostly watching and hearing them thank God for all His blessings!
We met some FUN girls too....
who knew as much (if not more) about farming than Love!
Let's just say I sat at the table and listened while enjoying my "Mule"!
"Moscow Mule" - In a copper mug, pour vodka over ice. Add sugar syrup and lime juice. Top with ginger beer and stir. Garnish with mint sprig and lime slice.....
I don't know if we even have these in Alabama but it was pretty tasty!!
My favorite part however was the CUTE COPPER MUGS! :)
On Saturday before we headed back South....
we toured downtown Missoula where I met up with some 
fun friends who love football like I do....
And then Love & I enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Iron Horse!

Thankful for FUN memories with my best friend!!

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