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Samantha & Zack

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


From the Baggett's to you...BOO!!
I HAD to take a study break today and this is what happened....
It never fails when I get into something there is always DRAMA!
Of course when I first tried to pull out all my Halloween decor earlier this morning, 
I was attacked by an ARMY of fire ants.
This lead to me on my back porch in my BIRTHDAY SUIT!
I am just praying that my poor neighbors were not in their garden around this time!
Anyway, I finally got back out there and completed our seasonal decor
for the month of October!
I have a tendency to go way over board so since I can
only leave the Halloween stuff up for a month...
I limited myself to just the front porch!

For a change after several years, I am actually off work on Halloween 
so I have some cute ideas for my Trick-or-Treaters! 

and I always love hanging this little Happy Halloween kitten
because she was bought several years ago before I was Love's wife
but I still decorated wherever he lived....
takes me back to those "good ol'days of young love" LOL

We have several birthdays this month....
including Trey turning the big 2-0!!
AS you can imagine, I can't even talk about it.....
he should NOT be 20!!!
I am sure that will be a whole seperate post for another day
so for right now.....

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