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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Before Trey was Daddy discussed calling him "BO".
Since we were both knee high to grasshoppers.....
Trey and I have both answered to "Sambo" & "Treybo"
We are both BIG TEBOW fans and I think it is 
such an honor for our "TREYBO" to be compared to him....
This article was in "The Vanguard", South Alabama University's school newspaper.

Fetner becomes South Alabama’s Tebow

Monday, 22 October 2012

Backup QB draws comparison to Tebow for his role and open faith

South Alabama’s football team has had a quarterback carousel for much of this season, splitting starting time between CJ Bennett and Ross Metheny. But one quarterback who may have been overlooked in the QB talk is backup Trey Fetner.
Fetner is a redshirt freshman from Woodland, Ala. who didn’t play a down in 2011, but was voted the most improved quarterback by the coaching staff after spring practice. However, during fall practice, he lost ground to Bennett and Metheny after sustaining an injury that slowed his progression.
“Last year, I was pushing for the starting job and then in the fall I got hurt,” Fetner said. “And then Ross came in and had a good fall, and CJ did too, and that kinda put me back.”
But it’s not Fetner pushing for the starter’s position that everyone taking notice of him. It’s the transformed role the coaching staff have created for him. And many are comparing him to Tim Tebow, quarterback for the New York Jets.
Fetner has been used in special packages and was seen in preseason taking reps with special teams, playing the role of personal protector in punt formations, similar to what Tebow can be seen doing in the NFL.
“Basically right now, I’m third string quarterback on the depth chart, but I come in for certain packages like short yardage game,” Fetner said. “I’ve accepted that role and I’m thankful for the opportunity from the coaches and I prayed about it for a long time and I’m just excited about it.”
Fetner has come through in the clutch on several opportunities. His first career play was a 3-yard touchdown run up the middle on a quarterback keeper. Against Arkansas State, Fetner he came into the game four times, all of which were on 3rd or 4th down.
His teammates joke with him about being like Tebow as well. Teammate and fellow quarterback Brandon Bridge called Fetner “Treybow” on Twitter recently. “Some of them joke around and call me Tebow,” Fetner said. “I don’t think I’m not as effective of a leader as Tebow is yet.”
Another comparison Fetner draws to the former Florida Gator quarterback is that he is very open about his Christianity. If you browse through his Twitter account, you will find several tweets reciting Bible verses.
“I really am open about my faith and I’m not ashamed to be a Christian,” Fetner said. “This platform that I’ve been given as a D-I quarterback is an exciting and great way to get my faith out there.”
Fetner also mentioned that when deciding on where to go for his college career, he felt that he was being called to South Alabama. 
“Coming out of high school, I had two Division I offers from Air Force and Army, and West Alabama offered me. The rest were D-IAA baseball offers,” Fetner recalled. “My dream was always to be a Division I quarterback, and I really wasn’t interested in joining the military. Coach Jones said that I could be a preferred walk-on here and earn a scholarship, so I just thought that was my opportunity. I just prayed about it and talked to my family about it and I felt that God was leading me down here.”
Many fans have come recognize when Fetner comes into games, with screams of “Tebow is in!” coming from the student section.
Regardless of what his role is, Fetner still treats every game the same, regardless if he is starting or coming in for a quick run. “I still prepare the same way. I go as hard as I can every day at practice.”
On the season, Fetner has appeared in three games, and rushed for 14 yards and one touchdown.

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