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Thursday, October 18, 2012

QB Fetner's role to expand...

By Tommy Hicks | 
on October 16, 2012
MOBILE, Alabama -- Backup quarterback Trey Fetner, the odd man out in South Alabama's quarterback race when the Jaguars used a two-quarterback system, has apparently found a spot in the Jag's offensive plans. Fetner, a redshirt freshman from Woodland, had three carries for 17 yards in last weekend's loss at Arkansas State from the Wildcat formation.Head coach Joey Jones said Fetner's role in the offense will likely increase as the Jags go forward.
"Trey's a good football player and if there's a player on our sideline we think can win for us we're going to try to get him our there the best we can,'' Jones said. "He's really found his niche there (as a Wildcat formation quarterback) and we're going to expand that package. We talked about that this weekend. He's going to be a good asset, especially in short yardage. And the thing about it, he can throw it too. It's not like he's a Wildcat quarterback who can't throw, so that's going to create some diversity in our third-down situations.''
Fetner, 6-foot-0 and 195 pounds, has just five carries on the season for 21 yards but he had a 3-yard touchdown run in a loss to Troy, which was South Alabama's only touchdown in the game. All of Fetner's carries have come in the past two games. He was the only other quarterback to get on the field against Arkansas State other than starter Ross Metheny, who won the starting role having sharing duties with C.J. Bennett for the first part of the season.

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