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Samantha & Zack

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Emmy Update!

Today our sweet girl is being fitted for the helmet she will have to wear post-surgery for 6-9 months. Next Wed. April 2 we will head to Birmingham for pre-surgery testing and prep(things like making sure she isn't going to have a reaction to the anesthesia). Thursday is our surgery day. It is a short procedure so we should be done early morning and I will let you all know when we are in recovery. She will stay overnight and if all goes as planned be discharged home Friday.
Please pray for today's appointment, that Emmy will adjust to the helmet quickly. Pray that she will have no reactions to any medications. Pray that the surgeons hands will be completely guided by God, that the surgery will go more perfectly that even expected. Pray that Emmy's skull will be completely healed and formed perfectly and that her eyes will be completely aligned. Please pray for only peace and comfort that can come from God for Leigh and Matthew and for Him to give them extraordinary strength. Please pray for Blakely to not be "home sick" as she is away from her parents and sister. Pray that her caregivers will have the utmost patience and fun with her while teaching her to also love and pray for her sister. Please pray for traveling mercies for everyone traveling to Childrens. Please pray for our whole family to see God's Power in each moment of this time. Thank you so much for interceding in prayer on our behalf! I love you all!!

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