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Samantha & Zack

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Many answered prayers for Emmy...

Early Wed. morning on April 2nd, I left Wadley with Matthew, Leigh and our sweet Emmy to Birmingham for our pre-op day. Emmy held Honey's hand the whole way...
She was such a big girl through every exam, meeting her surgeon-Dr.Roselle and sweet NP-Treva.
She cried a little with her blood work but thankfully Honey sat in the waiting room so I wouldn't have to choke back tears through that process.

We broke out of the hospital a little before lunch and all enjoyed a yummy meal at McAlister's before Mammy, Momsie, Dap-Dap, Blakely, Nonnie and Poppie met us at the hotel. 
This absolutely precious organization "Cranio Care Bears"
sent Emmy this prayer chain.
It's ribbon chains are from families of other children who have had cranio-surgeries with encouraging scripture and uplifting quotes.
They also asked for prayer for Emmy the morning of her surgery on their Facebook page.

We had some other sweet visitors at the hotel....
Ben & Les brought B gifts, ate dinner with us and helped ease my anxiety.
They were such a blessing to us throughout our time in Birmingham.
They stayed with us and prayed with us throughout Emmy's surgery.

B was hilarious!
She kept saying "WE ARE IN THE CITY!!"
She loved all the lights and counting the stories of the big buildings.
She tried to make friends with everyone even the police officers "protecting the city".
She even told everyone in our elevator that night that her Honey was having a hotel party in our room!

My post to Facebook this night:
This sweet girl was so excited about being "in the city" tonight. I have laughed and danced with her! Thankful she was here to bring so much joy to all of us! She doesn't know all the details of our trip to Birmingham. However, this girl loves Jesus and has said from the beginning "Jesus is going to heal Emmy's head"! Amen big sister amen!! 
It was a long night...all of our nerves were on edge to say the least....
Mammy finally got B settled in.
She woke up a couple of times during the night though
wanting her Mom.
I rocked her back to sleep and we slept in the recliner of the hotel room for most of the night.
I then had to be up by 4am.
This Honey was TIRED!
So many people called, texted, Facebook messaged me.
There were literally people all over the world praying for our sweet girl!!
We felt them....words can't describe the thankfulness...
This was our precious girl before surgery....
Mammy had B duty while all of us waited in the OR waiting room.
Mammy and B had a FUN morning at Waffle House and walking up the stairs to our room on the 6th floor of the hotel many times (per Blakely's request)
Mammy is and always has been a little "soft"
but she would let B get away with just about anything.
B even asked her to "please not get a shower because big girls take way too long to get ready"!
So Mammy hit up waffle house in a t-shirt and ball cap!
After a few hours we were thankfully in recovery
and I was able to take big sister to see Emmy!

We all couldn't believe how great Emmy looked!!
She was even breast feeding within an hour of being in recovery!!
God truly just had gone before us too.
He kept giving Leigh that motherly instinct from the day Emmy was born that something wasn't right.
He allowed me to be in my last semester of NP school, at a facility where I had the connections to get Emmy the help she needed.
He opened the brand new facility in Roanoke at the perfect time so I could have Emmy's x-rays done and get an immediate Children's referral.
He gave us the surgeon Leigh wanted.
He provided. He healed. He loved.
This sweet big sister ate lunch at Flip with her ZB, Honey & Mammy.
Then her ZB & I loaded her up and headed to Wadley.
As soon as we were in 280 traffic B screamed "I have to TT"!!
I knew it was my fault that I didn't make her try to go before getting in the car so I reassured her that we were trying to stop but if she had an accident it was OK!
I cracked up when she said
"ZB just take me to Stephens'" (which would be the gas station in Wadley)
and then added
"I really hope you are hurrying ZB!!'
We made it to a Chic-Fil-Lay without an accident and came out with soft serve of course!!

I then posted this as we continued down Hwy280 with a full heart and tears rolling....

Zack Baggett and I are leaving Birmingham with precious cargo! Excited about big sister, Blakely, moving in tonight! Overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for MANY ANSWERED PRAYERS! I kinda wanted to stay with Emmy girl but God confirmed that He already had that worked out by allowing my precious friend who I graduated AUSON with to be one of E's sweet nurses! If I could have hand picked a nurse for my sweet niece it would have been Katie Grabowsky! Then just now on our way home when Blakely was asked "Why do you love Honey?" She replied "Honey, Jesus sent you to me so I can stay with you."
Lord, you are indescribable and I'm speechless. No words can describe my thankfulness. Thank you Holy Powerful Faithful Redeemer Healer Friend!! I love you Lord and You are beyond worthy of my praise!!!
 — feelingblessed.

Zack asked "When will she quit talking?"
I replied "When she falls asleep."
I sweetly told B to rest her voice and close her eyes because her ZB had a little headache.
Without hesitation she said "ZB, I know why you have a headache. You drank way too much coke at lunch!"

and that was the beginning of a FUN few days at ZB & Honey's house!
This child reminds me SO MUCH of myself and makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!
Within one hour of being home at Honey's....

 If going to bed at 7:30 was wrong we didn't want to be right!
She woke me before day light though!!
I told her quickly "Blakely do not wake Honey up again until you see sunshine through the window!"
I can promise you as soon as that child saw sunlight we were up!
When I dozed off in the recliner watching cartoons with her she reminded me that we had just gotten up and were not taking a nap.....
I decided then to just get up and cook breakfast ;)
She and I had a FUN day....
We met Caitlin at the Burger King Playground for lunch!
Then we went to see Taylor and Madeline at their JR Prom!!

This is how you roll with Mammy :)
Sweet Emmy had to stay for observation for a full day but then 
all were reunited!! :) 

I could go on and on about all the answered prayers and how God truly blessed us though all of this....

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