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Samantha & Zack

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The next chapter...

I love the term "big girl world" but truly this isn't my first rodeo in it.
I have always held a job. Even in high school whether it be babysitting or waitressing at the Bison Barn (man, those were some good days)!
Then I did use my first degree and license in the CVMC ER for almost 2 years....something I LOVED and would go back any day if I could pick my nurse crew, my doc, my hours and not have to drive an hour! ;)
So even though I keep saying "DAY ONE" or "FIRST WEEK" in "big girl world"....
the truth is that this is just the next chapter of life for us.
I am thankful God chose this man for me to live life with....
Sunday, June 1
Love and I went to my office so I could put some 
final touches in my rooms and desk area.
On Monday, I arrived on my first day at the office
IN THIS......
(The Kia and I had a tiny accident in our driveway with this truck 
and Love is graciously getting it repaired)!
So it took me forever to park this big thing and then when I step out all you smell is cow manure! 
However, I am thankful....but will love being reunited with the KIA!
I know I will have many "bama" patients but I do have an "AUBURN ROOM"
You all know I BLEED ORANGE & BLUE
plus there was just too many tears cried, sweat poured, nerves wrecked and anxiety experienced on that campus to not dedicate one of my patient's rooms to it!!

My Maw-Maw, aunt, uncle and cousin Megan
sent me this sweet surprise!
and then I got another one from my Daddy and brother!
Talk about feeling special!
I love sweet surprises at work!
These boards were refurbished by my Aunt Farrah....
looking forward to using the final product in the rooms to post educational info!
Everyone gets on to me for moving furniture and things around home by myself all the time...but I'm just that hard headed. When I get something on my mind it has to be done and done then! So when Love left for the farm....I started loading the truck and headed back to the office for more interior decorating. 
The lab sheets my patients will get in the mail....
"The office of...Samantha Fetner Baggett, MSN, FNP-C"
eeekkkkkk so unreal!!
The rooms are coming together.....
I will post the final decorations this week!
Needless to say, even though I was productive with my decorating....
it was a circus of a week being a NP!
I have had much paperwork to fill out, phone calls to make and emails to send. 
It is going to be a few more days before I officially see the first patient in Roanoke.
You all know how when plans change I get crazy...
Well not being able to see patients this week and feeling scattered made me crazy at first.
My sweet friends kept reminding me that "this was all for a reason".
I did trust that, it didn't take away my aggravation completely, but I do trust that God has the perfect day for me to see my very own patient picked out!!
So since I didn't "work" too much this week I spent time with those I love the most....

She loves taking selfies especially funny ones!

I taught her how to unlock and open/close the gates today.
I explained that when she rides with ZB like I do that will be her job. She was so proud of herself.
We spent the rest of the afternoon on the ranger with ZB in the driver seat.
When I said "whoa you are going fast", Blakely chimes in while grabbing my arm and hand, "It's ok Honey. I've got you and I will keep you safe". 
This child melts my heart, keeps me laughing and wanting to spank her all at the same time.
We rode all over....even ended up at one point in Daviston
and left the store with a little more gas in the tank, water, a pickled egg and green apple suckers....and we were barefoot! Redneck farmer day I guess....but it was FUN! 

Like I said before, I was aggravated that things were not going my way this week.
I had just envisioned my first week of work as being very different than it turned out.
However, today it was as if the "lightbulb went off" and God spoke straight to my heart.
You see all of the pictures above.....
that's what it's all about. 
If I would have began "work" for real on Monday, I would have just gotten so consumed with it and been hard core NP role from here on out.
God knew this of course so HE didn't allow me to start too strong.
He made me stay home this week and spend quality with my precious husband.
He gave me many hours at the farm that we adore.
He gave me some sweet memories with my girls.
So now I will begin work - still hard core NP because that's just how I roll - BUT I will be conscious of working hard while I am there but MAKING time to be with those I love most and spend time together at our favorite places. I will be working hard to play harder!!
Thankful that God gave me this lesson and helped me to understand tonight what He was doing. 
Words can't describe how grateful I am that my Heavenly Father has held my hand with each step I have taken. I know He is holding me through this next chapter as well. I can't wait to see what He has planned.........
tomorrow I begin in Anniston as their part-time NP!

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