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Samantha & Zack

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Baggett Forever Farmhouse

For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.
Hebrew 3:4
Let's move some dirt!!!!
One of my very best friends in high school was Lane Sims.
I probably drove him crazy with my bossy ways but he always was my partner 
to help with prom, homecoming floats or selling yearbook ads 
and saved  the desk next to him in class for me!
All of my most fun memories throughout my years at WHS include him.
All those memories were captured on camera by his sweet Mom.
Mrs.Ellen was involved in everything we did and made events more fun!!
She always shared great ideas and worked hard at making moments very special for our class.
When she offered to take these special photos for me to kick off this season of our lives, my heart went back to the 13 years that I was on her camera! 
What a special gift from a sweet friend!! 
Thank you Mrs.Ellen for using your talent to encourage and love on others!
So thankful for your family and blessed that you are still sharing memories with me and mine....

This is my "Years of my 20s" bracelet. It was my gift from Aunt Kaye for my Auburn undergrad degree in 2011. Every charm has been added only at special milestones and each have their own sentimental meaning or story. Zack SURPRISED me on my 25th birthday last month with the house charm. It says "Home Sweet Home" to symbolize this year of building our forever home on this earth together. Aaaahhhh.....good job ZB...good job! I am a sentimental NUT!

Looking forward to growing old with him, rocking our babies and grand-babies and gazing at God's creation on this spot of our farmhouse porch! 

Dear Lord, I thank you for the amazing gift of our farm and the opportunity you have provided to build a home here. Lord, You are the builder of everything. Our lives, our marriage, this home and everything is Yours. We ask that this be a place that our love for you grows. We pray that you would strengthen our marriage through the different seasons we encounter on this piece of land. May we grow to love each other more every year. Let our house serve the Lord. If it be Your Will, allow us to raise a family here to love you with all their hearts. May we be able to teach them Your Word and pray with them to accept you early in their life as their Lord & Savior on this porch. May our home always be a place where family and friends can gather and feel Your Presence.  Allow Bible Studies to occur where Your Truth pierces the hearts of many and builds Your Kingdom. Give us birthday parties, showers and other celebrations with friends and family to love on one another. Help us to always give You The Glory, Honor and Praise that you are beyond worthy. You amaze us and take our breath away. You are Trustworthy, Faithful, True and Just......we give this chapter to You. Have Your Way! Teach us, mold us and draw us near.....I love you Lord. Amen

I could dance, sing and shout with excitement about this next chapter....
well actually I am and do often.
So thankful for the opportunity to build a forever home here,
where every inch of the surrounding land is full of lovely memories from generations past.
Skeet is looking down loving every moment.....
and a few other great men are too!!!
What honorable footsteps we have to follow.....

Yes, I drew our house plan. 
I couldn't find anything that "fit" the mold so we created our own.
I think ZB was impressed that I am not only a nurse by trade! 
Excited about every square foot!

JUNE 19, 2010:
JULY 19, 2015:
I can't wait to overlook this piece of land with you forever Zack Baggett......

Home sweet home!!!
everyone says that this is one HARD THING to do together....
at this point we are just super excited
but still and yet....
prayers for the process are appreciated! 

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