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Samantha & Zack

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

and then....

there were WALLS!!!
oh my yall....
I have never loved walls so much! hehehe
Now I can really see it all coming together.
The exterior wall framing was put up on 8.25.15
I snapped these pics on my phone that day.
Yesterday, I didn't even take a picture because we were BUSY
making those final critical decisions on layout.
Did I note in previous posts that I DREW our house plan!!!
Yeah, I don't know nurse practitioner by day and architect by night.
With that being said....we have had to adjust a couple details here and there
BUT Love and I were compromising and think we came 
to a perfect plan for every square inch as of last night.
So the guys are there today framing the remaining interior walls!!!
Pics to come...... ;)

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