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Samantha & Zack

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Monday, August 31, 2015


I can't believe ZB & I officially have a little bulldog at WHS.
Blakely loves Pre-K.
She is a big helper and comforts those who cry in the wee hours of the morning at parent drop off.
She isn't too excited about nap time but "Mrs. LaBenda" allows her to "just rest and not even close her eyes" if she doesn't want to. 
I wanted this official paw-print pic and then she created the rest of the poses.....
She said "Honey you just love taking pictures of me don't you!?"

Our program ad for the year!

Mrs. Gail and Mr.Larry McGill were honored 
at the first home game this year for their over 40 years of support and filming
Wadley football!!!
The helicopter delivered a signed game ball to this special couple.
It was a very sweet night!

While Leigh and I learned what it was like to work in the concession stand on a Thursday night
the beginning of the season when no other schools in the county are playing.....
Everyone and their Mommas from Randolph County I think bought a hamburger from us.
The kiddos had an extra fun time though! :) 

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