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Samantha & Zack

Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.Romans 12:1

Monday, March 7, 2016

Our friend a beautiful blonde hair and blue eyed girl met Jesus on Feb22. She was always thinking of others before herself. Ami was always a good friend to me. She taught me so much. She was always real. She taught me how to be a true friend, non-judgemental and just love people. She was giving and fun. Im thankful for the memories we shared. She wore many titles with many responsibilities and did them all well. Those she came into contact with and did life with her were blessed!! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of you who helped encourage her during this fight the last 2 years especially at our special 5K! She was brave, strong and fought with much dignity and grace! She ran a good race and knew her good good Father! Please continue to pray for her precious family & friends!
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith - 2 Timothy 4:7

Her service was the most beautiful tribute to a very special friend. The Holy Spirit was very present. ️Thankful for every person who made today a ️precious celebration of a wonderful life. God was mightily glorified! Boo, TJ and Uncle Drew - your words were beyond perfect and touched each of us!
I remember meeting Ami for the first time in Panama City in the year 2002 as Samantha Fetner. She was a beautiful blonde with all the right curves and fun spirit. Being the young spunky teenage girl I was then.....I couldn't stand her or any of the other "Clay County girls" that "were totally after our Wadley boys". Thankfully Ami loved me through my snobby years and never missed a beat with kindness. Then several years later, I married the one I had my eye on all those years-Zack Baggett and we became one of 9 couples that make up what we all have referred to as the “firefighter group”. For over 10 years now we have called the 18 of us this name largely because our most common connection is all of our guys were Auburn firefighters together. Some of us have known each other since childhood and even grew up going to proms together. Elena can share about when she and Ami finally broke out of the small town life of Clay county. They moved into Gentilly Trailer Park their freshman year of college and immediately started prioritizing their problems. Elena said that mostly it was important stuff like how they were going to get into the Supper Club to see Dierks Bentley since they were well under age. They solved a lot of world problems in that trailer and had countless fun times. Adrianne could share many pharmacy school studying memories I am sure. Ami was always so smart, took great notes and could help you conquer college classes. As Elizabeth said earlier this week, we all share a love of Jesus, Auburn and get-togethers. We have been through several beach trips, weddings, lots of babies, cancer, and now we walk together through a first Heaven homecoming. We love, support and pray for each other.
I remember the early morning that we received the group message from Ami informing us all of the cancer news but how she was ready to fight. We rallied behind her and I’ve never seen a fight like the one she put up!! I thought Leigh put it perfectly, “When I reflect on the life of my sweet friend Ami the word that immediately comes to my mind is constant. She was always so constant. A strong, brave, steady friend who had an unwavering faith. She taught me so much through the way she lived her life. She was breathtakingly beautiful but her spirit and heart were just as beautiful.”
I (Samantha) want to share just a few memories of Ami from the past couple of years when she herself was enduring chemo and radiation treatments.
In June of this past year, the week of my birthday, a package arrived at my door full of some of my favorite things and the most precious card from her. Always remembering special moments in others lives despite the week she was having.
Then this past fall when my brother moved overseas to be a missionary, she typed letters of encouragement with prayers and Scripture to him.
In October, we held a 5K fundraiser in Wadley for the Pearson Family. Ami called me every week for at least 2 months wanting to know what she could do to help. Finally a couple days before the race after her asking me what she could bring, I put her in her place like she would have done to me and said “Ami this is for you, you are not making refreshments or bringing anything but you, TJ and your girls!”. It was a beautiful day full of love and The Holy Spirit thanks to many of you! Ami posted on Facebook the next day “Yesterday’s 5K was an amazing experience for our family. The money that was raised far exceeded our expectations and we are more than grateful for the love, prayers and support that each of you have provided. A special thanks to Samantha Fetner Baggett and every else involved in putting the event together. We love you and are thankful to have each of you in our lives.”
Then this past January, Ami and I were texting back and forth about our next girl’s night out. Our favorite spot was Acre especially when they had special events. But in the middle of our conversation She sent this: “Completely off subject, but If you ever need me for anything, let me know and I'd be glad to come volunteer and help.....maybe if you wanted to hold a "brown bag day" where patients bring in their meds and a pharmacist goes through each one to help improve understanding and adherence......not working is kinda driving me batty so I would love to be your volunteer pharm-d anytime.”
Through all she was going through. She wanted to freely help others with her God given skills and the degree that she had worked so very hard for at Auburn.
A few days later during another one of our text conversations Ami sent: “Also, wanted to share what happened yesterday. I had a rough start yesterday morning; I'm kinda in a slump and worn our physically and emotionally. I finally got ready and went to meet GiGi and her sister for lunch. This random lady came up to the table and proceeded to ask me if I was a Christian; I of course said yes. She told me that God sends her messages to tell people and He directed her to me. He told her to let me know that the fight isn't over, and it might get worse, but everything was gonna be ok in the end and He would see me through. I was floored.....after my pity party all morning long, God sent me a rainbow.”
I have much peace today knowing that Ami is no longer sick and that she knew Jesus Christ. I know she would tell you today that He is the best friend you will ever have and that knowing Him and following Him is the best decision you will ever make in this life because eternity with Him indescribably good.
I am thankful to have celebrated so many memories together! We never dreamed a piece of our crew would be called to Heaven so soon. I am so in love with the circle of friends in this room. I was able to stay with Ami her last weekend here. My breath was literally taken away as I watched the love flow through her home by visits or people sending food. I was able to hug, love on and text some people I have known my whole life, some over ten years and some only a few days but each just as sweet as the other! What a beautiful picture of Christ's love for us. He is there for us no matter the circumstance. He loves you no matter how many days you've known Him or maybe been away from Him. Don't waste another day. Talk and meet with the best friend you will ever have today-JESUS! Then take the time today to reach out and encourage those He has blessed you to do life with!!!
May we always live life to the fullest and brighten each other's days as Ami modeled! We will miss this girl like crazy but I'm overjoyed to know that she is worshiping Our Maker & Lover of Her Soul tonight!

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