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Samantha & Zack

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

BCM FALL 2016....


 I honestly always pretended like Trey was mine. From the time he was born I pretty much wouldn’t let Mammy do anything without me helping! I began early in his football career as his water girl. I ran up and down every pee-wee sideline. Then, I cheered for him in high school of course. After I gradauted, I would drive home to Woodland on Thursday nights to sleep over with him before his big games on Fridays. Dropping him off at college was one of the hardest days of my life. I literally felt like I left a piece of my heart in Mobile. I cried the ugly cry all the way back to Montgomery and many nights that he was there. However, I watched him grow and mature at South.  I was thankful to be able to travel and be on the sidelines but the 5 hour drive apart was brutal. We made so many memories down South!!! I will be forever grateful for that season travel with my family and attending some games! Then,  the night he told us he was moving to Spanish Wells.... I’ve never cried so hard. However, I knew it was right. I knew God was calling him. I had much peace about it. I just wished it were closer. I wish I could be on that sideline cheering and helping him.
 God quickly opened the door for me to visit the island in March. I had prayed and prayed and then confirmation after confirmation came along with the financial support of people that didn’t even know me. That trip was life changing for me. I had struggled with really believing that I was a child of The Most High, if I was truly “saved” and I was not completely surrendered. My life was forever changed and confidently secure in Him. I am honored that Trey was the one that baptized me in that Caribbean sea! What a treasured memory. I had been baptized as a very little girl in the Tallapoosa but this was real for me. I will never forget the details of how the Holy Spirit moved in my heart the hours leading up to all that happened on that trip. 

Leaving the island was hard. Really hard! I did the ugly cry all the way back to Miami. God allowed the seats beside me and across from me to be empty. He knew. I thanked Him so much for the work He was doing in and through Trey. I cried out for the people of Blackwood that I knew he loved. I asked Him to let me help. Allow me to be in some kind of way a partner with Trey in ministry. I knew it would not be the Bahamas though. I knew in my heart, even as much as I had always loved foreign missions since the time I was 12 years old, that God had placed me first as Zack's wife and then in a clinic where He wanted me to passionately serve as my mission field. Those responsibilities are my favorite. I was ready for them. My heart ached to be a partner with Trey. I did manage his financial support back home and organized a team to go and help him. I was thankful that God let me have a hand in where Trey was but I still deep down wanted to be "on the scenes". 
I was so grateful for all my responsibilities at home but I missed my brother. We are so very different but then again, our hearts are very much the same. We love deeply. We give it our all. Most of all we passionately believe in Jesus and know that His ways are better than our own. He has made us sensitive to His Spirit and for that I am forever thankful. We almost know when one of us needs the other without even telling each other. That’s just the Holy Spirit.
In less than a year of Trey returning to the states through dark valleys and mountaintop challenges, The Lord once again has taken my breath away. I’ve been so proud of how hard he has worked on our farm, for Coach Casey and taken on so many roles at Lee Scott and surrounding county schools all while ministering at various churches and keeping up with encouraging friends in different states. With all his “spare time” his favorite is coming to our house. Zack has always loved Trey like I do and makes our time together fun. Such a blessing to see the two of them love each other like they do and I will always be grateful to Zack for loving my family. 

This night, my heart almost burst when I was able to serve with Trey at BCM. To hear him speak Truth over college kids and know that I know what he is saying is what he deeply believes is the biggest blessing God could give me. Today, all I can do is cry. Crying thankful and grateful almost unbelievable tears that God answered my prayer to be able to be on mission with Trey. Crying because I am so blessed that I would be allowed this opportunity in our sweet town. We have always been a team and cheered each other on from a distance but never been able to merge forces because of our location. It completely takes my breath away that He is giving me this season with Trey. I know it is just for a season. Maybe 6 months or maybe 6 years….only He knows. But that I am thankful for too. I am thankful that God knows my heart and the desires of it and even though I am so unworthy and undeserving He is allowing me to be a part of being His hands and feet with Trey right in our backyard. I am excited to love on these college students and faculty at SUSCC alongside Trey. I am so very humbled. 
I am forever honored. 
Overwhelmed with the fact that God allowed me to sit in the back of that student center last night…..
It was good for my soul, so very close to Him and I pray that He continues to allow me to sit in the back and feel His Presence in mightily ways for as long as He sees fit……

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