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Samantha & Zack

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small town talk....

Almost two years ago now at my wedding reception....the "talk of the small town people" were of a CUTE couple who danced the night away, looked into each other's eyes and laughed like no one else was in the room......and this couple was not the bride and groom! :)
When I came home from my honeymoon...everyone in Wadley wanted to know "who the handsome guy was with Hollon McKay at my wedding??"
Well that handsome guy was Patrick and that trip was his first adventure in Wadley....
we were all not sure what he would think of our small town but we knew for certain after watching those two on the dance floor that they were so much in LOVE!
Here is a snapshot of the beautiful couple at our reception......they stopped dancing just for the photo :)
the only break they took was when the band took a break! :)
After being by everyone's side during their special is now HOLLON'S time!
We were all excited to hear that Hollon & Patrick are ENGAGED! 
Their love for each other is evident just by watching them together
and we can't wait to watch their fairytale unfold!!
These precious pictures were taken at Leslie-Ann & Ben's wedding
recently of Hol & Pat and then her sweet parents....
Hollon you will be a breath taking BRIDE!!
We can't wait for all the wedding FUN and 
the many special plans God has for you a Patrick!!

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