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Samantha & Zack

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Earzz pierced"

B and I had a blast shopping for a little while in Claire's this week!
I left her run around the store and hyperventilate about each object she picked up
and yell "LOOK HONEY LOOK!!!" 

Since she could really talk she has said
"I wannna get my earzz pierced..."
Her Mommy would let her do if they really got up the courage..
BUT her Honey CAN NOT stand the thought of it!!!
I know she is not mine...BUT I can (and probably will always) 
have an opinion about what she does and doesn't do! 

While we were in Claire's this CUTE baby girl came in to
none other....get her ears pierced!
I know I probably should have left at this point and taken B to get a sugar cookie at The Great American Cookie Factory.
Instead, I thought this would be the perfect learning observation.
So I help B up and let her watch!
Needless to say, the very FIRST thing B told Leigh when we met her for lunch.....
"Mama, I NOT get my earzz pierced!"

hehehehe.....I might be awful but I hope this makes her hold out on the
"earzz pierced" business for a few years! :) 

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