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Samantha & Zack

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

If nothing ever changed, there wouldn't be butterflies!

In nursing school, I always thought I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse.
I did love my L&D rotation and it is where I came up with my name "Honey"
for B and all future nieces & nephews to call me.
However, it was not where God had planned for me after graduation.

I never dreamed that the little town of Sylacauga would steal my heart
BUT it did!!
During my med-surg clinicals at Coosa Valley with Tammy O'Neal
I was allowed to adventure to the ER on a couple of occasions to get some hands on skills experience!
I was so impressed with the team and there BUSY ER
that I immediately contacted Tammy when preceptorship time rolled around.
Tammy of course was so excited and super sweet in helping me during all almost 400 hours of preceptorship! She and the rest of the crew had fallen in love with me just as much as I had with them and the rest was history.....
I was offered a full-time position before my preceptorship ended and after taking the month of May off after graduation I hit the ground running at CVMC ER in June!

Words truly can't describe how much I love this place and the PEOPLE!
I am a better nurse and friend because of so many precious people that took me under their wings!
The ER was super busy but most of all FUN!
I gained so much knowledge and experience
but most of all I was blessed
 with forever friendships that I will never ever forget!!!

All of you who know me know that I run off very little sleep and manage to always have TOO MUCH on my plate but just function that way.....
Well I will now admit (even though it kills me to do it) that I had spread myself kinda THIN the past few months. 
I had all good intentions of being a full-time ER nurse and full-time graduate student
for the duration of my academic career. 
However, in January, God surprised me with a random phone call from my sweet under-grad professor Dr. Pope who offered me a graduate teaching fellowship at Auburn University. 
I was beyond honored and even more amazed at the tuition wavier and financial supplementation being offered to me out of the blue. 
After much prayer, long talks with Love & other family and MANY TEARS....
I knew God was giving me an opportunity to just focus on school right now. 
So that meant telling my ER family "goodbye". 
Something that I knew was coming at some point but one of those things you are never ready for....
but after almost 2 wonderful years with my CVMC family....
I tearfully turned in my notice, said goodbye to special friends and 
left with cherished memories with an ER family I will never forget!

Here are a few pictures from my very last 12 hour shift!
They were so sweet to give me a pizza party and precious gifts!!

I am thankful God led me to CVMC and pray that whenever
they think of me it puts as big a smile on their face as it does on mine
when I think of them!!!
It will forever be my "first" home of my nursing career!! 

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